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Culture Media Concepts® For Today’s Laboratory

Mission Statement

We are committed to manufacturing the finest products that will enable our business partners to increase efficiency and profit share in their respective Market Segments. We will continue to strive for product applications that will increase value in our relationships with our business partners. We will maintain high ethical standards in our business relationships with our Clients, Vendors, and Networking Partners.


We source raw materials that are of premium quality for our culture media. These ingredients come with traceable documentation to assure that we are producing the finest products possible. Traditional and classical formulations are available, and can be manufactured upon order. We can also provide custom or proprietary blends.

Prepared culture media products are specifically formatted using manufactured formulations, or your specified source of media.

Quality Control

Millennium LifeSciences has Quality Systems in place to assure that your product performs as intended the first time, and with every lot manufactured thereafter. All personnel are qualified and trained to fulfill responsible duties. Precise dehydrated media compounding is performed using calibrated scales for all ranges of volume and weight. Our Pre-Weighed formats for Dehydrated Culture Media are accurately measured to customer specifications within a tolerance of +0.5 grams of the specified weight.

Prepared culture media is accurately measured to product tolerance levels that will give volumes within specified limits.

Performance testing of our culture media products is performed on site, using test identifying parameters that comply with governing agency recommendations. Your specific testing parameters can be added as well to match your application requirements.

Product List – By Formula Name

Formula NameP/N
A1 MediumM100
Agar, Bacteriological GradeM101
Agar, Pharmaceutical GradeM102
Agar, TechnicalM399
Agarose, ABT GAM458
Agarose, ABT LEM459
Agarose, GPG LEM579
Agarose, GPG/LMPM580
Ampicillin Dextrin Agar BaseM103
APT AgarM104
ATCC Medium: 2107 (M584) w AgarM588
ATCC Medium: 2107 Broth MediumM589
Azide Blood Agar BaseM105
Azide Dextrose BrothM106
B12 Assay Medium USPM107
Bacillus Cereus MediumM108
Baird Parker Agar BaseM109
BAT BrothM562
BCYE Agar BaseM110
Beef ExtractM111
Beef Heart Infusion,M112
BHI Modified (BBL) M514
BIGGY AgarM113
Bile Esculin AgarM114
Bile Esculin Azide AgarM115
Bile Esculin Azide BrothM116
Bile Salts, #3M117
Bismuth Sulfite AgarM118
BLEB Base (w/o Pyruvate)M606
Blood Agar Base, ImprovedM351
Bolton Broth M436
Bordet Gendou Agar BaseM461
BPW Modified FDAM453
Brain Heart Infusion AgarM120
Brain Heart Infusion BrothM121
Brilliant Green Agar w/SulfadiazineM360
Brilliant Green Agar w/SulfapyridineM358
Brilliant Green AgarM122
Brilliant Green Bile AgarM373
Brilliant Green Bile Broth with MUGM123
Brilliant Green Bile BrothM124
Brucella AgarM125
Brucella BrothM126
Buffered Listeria Enrichment BrothM519
Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth BaseM476
Buffered Peptone Water ModifiedM438
Buffered Peptone WaterM127
Butterfields Phosphate BufferM430
Butterfields Phosphate Buffer w/ MgClM523
BVCC MediaM503
Campylobacter Agar BaseM129
Casein Acid HydrolysateM130
Casein Digest PeptoneM411
Cetrimide Selective AgarM132
CHO Medium BaseM391
CLED AgarM134
Columbia Agar BaseM135
Columbia CNA Agar BaseM136
Cooked Meat MediumM137
Custom G BrothM607
Cystine Tryptic Agar (CTA) BaseM139
D/E Neutralizing AgarM366
D/E Neutralizing Broth 4XM434
D/E Neutralizing BrothM142
Demi-Fraser Broth BaseM401
Demi-Fraser w FAC BrothM598
Deoxycholate Citrate AgarM143
Dermatophyte Test MediumM144
Dextrose (Glucose)M145
Dextrose BrothM146
Dextrose Tryptone AgarM147
Dextrose Tryptone BrothM148
DG-18 AgarM518
DRBC AgarM395
EC Medium with MUGM150
EC MediumM151
EC Medium, Modified w/NovobiocinM415
EE Broth, MosselM397
EMB Agar, LevineM153
FasTrac EHECM433
Fluid Thioglycollate MediaM159
Fraser Broth BaseM160
GC Agar BaseM161
Gelatin PeptoneM560 
GN BrothM611
GN Broth HajnaM342
Half Fraser Broth BaseM164
Half Fraser Broth w Ferric Ammonium Citrate SupplementM594
Heart Infusion AgarM165
Heart Infusion BrothM166
Hektoen Enteric AgarM167
HHD AgarM509
HSP-A Soy PeptoneM603
Inhibitory Mold AgarM170
Iron Sulfite AgarM569
K Media AgarM497
Kligler Iron AgarM171
Lactobacilli MRS AgarM388
Lactobacilli MRS BrothM172
Lactose BrothM173
Lauryl Tryptose Broth with MUGM176
Lauryl Tryptose BrothM177
LB Agar, LennoxM178
LB Agar, MillerM179
LB Broth, LennoxM180
LB Broth, MillerM181
LB Media AFM601 
Letheen Agar, ModifiedM440
Letheen Broth, ModifiedM185
LiCNR QlabsM479
Listeria Enrichment Broth BaseM463
Listeria Enrichment BrothM187
Litmus Milk MediumM528
Luria Agar Base, MillerM190
Luria Broth Base, MillerM191
Lysine Iron AgarM341
M Endo BrothM193
M Endo LES AgarM194
M FC Agar BaseM195
M FC Broth BaseM196
M Green Yeast & Fungi BrothM197
M PA Agar BaseM198
M PA-C AgarM199
MacConkey Agar with MUGM200
MacConkey Agar with SorbitolM201
MacConkey AgarM203
MacConkey BrothM204
Maleic AcidM498
Malonate Broth ModifiedM460
Malt Extract AgarM205
Mannitol Salt AgarM207
Maximum Recovery Dilutent (Peptone Saline Diluent)M402
m-HPC AgarM412
Middlebrook 7H10 AgarM209
Middlebrook 7H9 Broth BaseM210
Mod BPW extra bufferM608
Modified Buffered Peptone Water Pyruvate, BAMM439
Modified Buffered Peptone WaterM213
Modified CasmanM214
Modified EC MediumM215
Modified Letheen Agar IIM563
Modified Listeria EnrichMent BrothM218
Modified Oxford MediaM532
Modified Plate Count Agar (FML)M507
Modified UVM USDA MLGM597
MOPS BLEB (M521)M557
Motility GI MediumM512
Motility Indole Ornithine, Med.(MIO)M221
Motility Test AgarM349
M-PA Agar BaseM223
MRS BrothM455
MRS Broth with Chlorophenol RedM456
MR-VP BrothM347
m-Staphylococcus BrothM480
m-TEC AgarM224
m-TGE BrothM374
Mueller Hinton AgarM225
Mueller Hinton BrothM226
Mycobacteria 7H11 Agar BaseM229
Mycobiotic AgarM369
Mycoplasma Agar BaseM231
Mycoplasma Broth BaseM232
MYP AgarM513
Neutralizing BufferM234
Niaproof 4, Tergitol 4M478
Nitrate BrothM235
Non Fat Dry Milk (BAM)M577
Nutrient Agar 1.5%M452
Nutrient Agar with MUGM236
Nutrient AgarM237
Nutrient Broth Semi Solid USDAM499
Nutrient BrothM238
Nutrient GelatinM239
OF Basal MediumM240
OGYE Agar BaseM400
Orange Serum AgarM241
Oxford Medium BaseM243
PALCAM BrothM405
Pancreatic Digest of CaseinM244
Pancreatic Digest of GelatinM245
Papaic Digest of Soy Bean MealM246
Peptic Digest of Animal TissueM248
Peptone (Bacto Equivalent)M494
Peptone Water w/1% Lecithin & Tween®80M249
Peptone WaterM250
Phenylalnine AgarM254
Phenylethanol Agar (PEA)M255
Phosphate Buffer, pH 7.2, 1% Polysorbate 80M529
Polysorbate 20, 1 gallon JugM517
Potato Dextrose AgarM256
Presence-Absence BrothM257
Proteose Peptone #3M258
Proteose PeptoneM259
PSC BrothM496
Pseudomonas Isolation Agar BaseM260
Purple Broth BaseM261
PYGS Medium (Peptone, Yeast Extract, Starch, and Glucose)M262
QA Broth BaseM570
R2A AgarM263
Rappaport-Vassiliadis Medium, MSRVM264
Rappaport-Vassiliadis R10 BrothM265
Reinforced Clostridial Medium USP<62>M584
Rogosa AgarM490
Rogosa BrothM491
Rose Bengal Agar BaseM454
Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol AgarM506
RV Medium BAMM217
Sabdex (Sabouraud Dextrose) Agar with ChloramphenicolM267
Sabdex (Sabouraud Dextrose) Agar with Lecithin and Tween 80M268
Sabdex (Sabouraud Dextrose) AgarM270
Sabdex (Sabouraud Dextrose) AgarM269
Sabdex (Sabouraud Dextrose) BrothM271
Salmonella Shigella Agar (SS)M273
SDA w L& 7%TM558
Selenite BrothM336
Selenite Cystine BrothM275
SIM MediumM277
Simmons Citrate AgarM337
Sodium ChlorideM281
Sorbitol Peptone Broth and Bile SaltsM535
Soy PeptoneM559
Standard Methods Agar (Plate Count Agar)M282
Starch AgarM285
Supplement C, Rose Bengal (Chloramphenicol 0.05g per 5ml)V441
Tartaric Acid PowderM442
TAT Broth BaseM288
TCBS AgarM289
Terrific BrothM582
Terrific Broth with GlycerolM292
Test Chamber Environment SolutionB574
Tetrathionate Broth BaseM293
Tetrathionate Broth, HajnaM510
Thioglycollate Medium without IndicatorM295
Tinsdale Agar BaseM296
Triple Sugar Iron Agar M304
Tryptic Soy AgarM306
Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB)M311
Tryptic Soy Broth Modified, w/ 20mg/L NovobiocinM414
Tryptic Soy Broth Modified, with Casamino Acids (M435) and with 8g NovobiocinM470 
Tryptic Soy Broth Modified, without NovobiocinM435
Tryptic Soy Broth w Lecithin and Tween 20M484
Tryptose AgarM312
Tryptose BrothM313
Tryptose Glucose Extract AgarM314
Tryptose Phosphate BrothM353
TSA L&T80 (1,7)M555
TSA with L&T 80, Microbial Content Test AgarM305
TSB L&T80 (1,7)M554
TSB with Bile Salt #3M319
TSC Agar BaseM495
Universal Beer AgarM392
Universal Pre-enrichment Broth (Ferric Ammonium Citrate)M381
Universal Pre-Enrichment Broth (No FAC) FDAM516 
Urea Agar BaseM343
UVM Modified Listeria BrothM320
Violet Red Bile Ag w/MUGM321
Violet Red Bile AgarM322
Violet Red Bile Glucose AgarM371
Vogel & Johnson AgarM323
VRBA + Glu + LacM620
Wang’s Storage Transport MediumM525
Wilson Blair AgarM483
XLD AgarM327
XLT4 Agar BaseM328
Yeast Extract AgarM457
Yeast Extract Glucose Starch AgarM576
Yeast Extract Peptone Dextrose AgarM355
Yeast Extract with Glucose and Chloramphenicol AgarM571